About Jeph


Jephias Mundondo,  Zimbabwean born,  grew up and experienced the rural life in Masvingo Province. Like other boys who grew up those days, he experienced herding of cattle, walking to school with no shoes and tilling the land not as a hobby, but for survival. Jephias has managed to find something special and different which is going to change the lives of many Zimbabweans and this is Life Coaching.


Jephias Mundondo – Certified Life Coach

Jephias is a Certified Life Coach, an advanced Life Coach Training graduate and a Valued Independent Partner, (VIP)  with New Insights Africa.

Jephias has started New Insights Zimbabwe in order to train Life Coaches and also to coach individuals and groups who want to achieve their dreams, reach their life goals and improve their lives.Jephias is also a Development Professional who holds a Masters Degree in Development Management from an Open University United Kingdom, hold various diplomas and post graduate diplomas in Management including a Diploma in Personnel Management. He has extensive experience in working for profit making organizations since 1995. Jephias worked for Family AIDS Caring Trust (FACT) from 2001 to 2011 as the Executive Director. He managed to transform the organisation from a local Community Based Organisation to a leading national Non-Governmental Organization.

Jephias grew a lot of passion in working with people including those living with HIV and AIDS, orphaned, those in poverty and developing intervention programmes to transform people’s lives. During his time at FACT, he traveled extensively throughout the world where he presented HIV and AIDS,development and social papers in different conferences. During that time the following countries were visited; South Africa, Zambia, Canada, Spain, The United Kingdom, Netherlands, Thailand, Malaysia, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Ghana, Tanzania, Namibia, Malawi, Swaziland and Mozambique.

Prior to the above engagements, Jephias was engaged in Commercial agricultural, Tourism, Environment and Community Development Management and has always volunteered his time in doing community work to charity organisations and his local church. He is currently a Free Ranger and is involved in other advisory and consultancy work, while setting up the New Insights Zimbabwe.


Agricultural management, Development Management, Consultancy and my journey to today

It took me many years to be where I am now, that is working with people to improve their lives as a Life Coach, but the journey was interesting and full of learning.

I started off with Commercial Agricultural Management which was very exciting as we managed to feed the nation and export. Success in quality products and profitability was always my aim. I also learnt a lot in high level crop and livestock production.I enjoyed my contribution as my country became the Breadbasket of Southern Africa.I worked from Maize production, Cattle Ranching, Dairy Management, Sugarcane production and Forestry. As l reflect back, l am so contented as at one stage I was managing over 7800 herd of cattle and supervised the plantation of over a million trees, it was so exciting and enriching, but now am even more excited as all that travelling and learning was my road to coming here where I am today, to be your Life Coach.

Following the road to where I am now, I worked in one different organisation whose focus was on Wildlife Conservation and Community Development. It was during that time that my interest in people development became stronger and I did my Masters in Development Management and was already working with communities in different social support projects in education, cultural and environment development. I also started to enjoy charity work and joined social clubs like the Lions Club International and also being called to serve in different Management Boards of Charity Organisations.

In all the years there was always one thing that I had passion for, this was climbing the cooperate ladder. I successfully achieved it, learnt and experienced many challenges which gave me lots of skills in management at different levels from officer level, senior management up to directorate level.

With all the experience acquired since 2001 when I was engaged as the Executive Director of Family AIDS Caring Trust,a small organisation by then and a position which I held for 10 years. During these exciting years,I managed to see the organisation growing to a level where I realized that my engagement at Family AIDS Caring Trust was not an ordinary job but a calling by God to serve his people in that capacity, which I did with all my heart. I managed to interact with local authorities, governments, donors and partners in a way that gave me the privilege to share, learn and grow.

It was during the time I was ED for FACT that I felt I could help people to achieve more in their lives through Life Coaching.I did my studies and become a certified Life Coach through New Insights Africa. Bill Burridge I thank you for helping me to cross over to such a satisfying field of making many find hope, freedom, confidence, growth and success, including finding themselves through Life Coaching process.

During my training I discussed with Bill on the idea of establishing a Life Coaching Institute in Zimbabwe upon my retirement and we agreed and that was the birth of New Insights Zimbabwe. This this is just the beginning.

After qualifying I decided to open New Insights Zimbabwe to offer training for Life Coaches and also to do life coaching to individuals and groups who require it.

Socially, I have done it all, I have played soccer,  have traveled to almost the ever part of Zimbabwe and the  Southern Africa Region,  guided people in some wildest wild of Zimbabwe to view game as a Learner Guide and most exciting,  have done and enjoy Banjo jumping and even recommend it to those who want to kill their fear for ever.

So here I am, your Life Coach ready to train you to become a Life Coach and to coach you so that that you can be successful in your life.

My passion is in success and well-being of people, give me your hand I will walk you through to your dreams, this life was never meant to be a struggle, you will find joy, success, hope, confidence, growth and satisfaction.